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My family by XBloodClash-mumblesX My family by XBloodClash-mumblesX
He hasn't eaten, though he did get i little better, but..... today....
Today my mom found him on the streets when she returned....
She told me that he didn't want us to see him die so he left our home...
i so i'm submitting this....i feel terrible.... I already have an empty space of what happen to our previous dog... he got killed, someone (i suspected our neighbors from our back put glass with) killed him from the inside... i'll never forgive them from taking my best friend's life!!!
Right now i have two dogs but feeling inside me isn't the same the can't replace any of my broken pieces... they can't replace all the previous ones that died/ stolen... they can't... can't replace what's already broken.... 
ever since my dog before them was a mix German Shepherd, he's name was Lobo ever since his mysterious death or found out they killed him by some sort of poisoning, I just felt emptiness inside and to relieve my pain was to hear music... 
but i knew justice wasn't in my side, who would do such an inhuman thing to something that was trying to protect our home... and why?.... Now another one will die i feel like everything i hold dear is slowing being taken away from me...why?
I was always have been a gloomy person and when i ever try to become happy something or someone just crushes my happiness... why?... (this always happen in real life)
I always shared my feeling with my parents and sometimes it makes me better especially how I the middle child protect my lil sister and older brother from bullies (in elementary)  while i resisted the pain of my bullies back then i had always new the painful truth when you were bullied.. no one ever tried to help me so i knew i had to change my attitude from innocence to rebellious by third grade i was rebellious child trying to hide my pain and weakness...
In high school does who bullied me i showed them that i have a strong will they eventually became my friends.. that what i always wanted to when i was elementary relieve them of their suffering...
While i suffer more.... i'm happy and sad.... happy that my dog will be able die in piece while not seeing my crying face and sad because he's the only who understands me... i have friends now and i'm glad to have them... but soon there will be a time when i will have to bear everything to change something for the better...i think that's my mission in life even when i don't have a religion but i think my mission is to soothe everyone's pain one at a time... I strayed away...from my subject but i feel at ease... pardon my spelling...
Neko-Meep Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:tighthug: I'm here for you buddy!!! TmT 
XBloodClash-mumblesX Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Hobbyist
Tight Hug Thank you, buddeh~!  TT^TT 
Neko-Meep Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
no problem! >w<
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July 7, 2014
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